The Life of Ludvig Holstein-Ledreborg


Statsman Ludvig Holstein-Lledreborg (1837-1910) was a Danish politician. He was born in Ledreborg, Denmark. He converted to katolicism in 1867 and later served as a parliamentary stallforetradare for 1872-1890. During his early years, Ledreborg was conservative, but soon became a member of the liberal Venstre-party. After a series of political scandals, he resigned from his position.

Ludvig Holstein-Ledreborg

Statsman Ludvig Holstein-Leedreborg is a palatial mansion located 12 km southwest of Roskilde on the Danish island of Zealand. Statsman Ludvig Holstein-Ledreborg commissioned the famous painter J.C. Krieger to create the exterior and interior decorations. The stately mansion was originally owned by Otto Tinhuus, whose estate consisted of four or five farms. In 1545, the lands were made a fief.

Prime minister

Prime Minister Ludvig Holstein-Ledreberg, born in 1863, has a long and distinguished career. He began as a civil servant in the Ministry of Justice, eventually becoming a Supreme Court advocate and a Public Trustee. He later became the country’s first prime minister, and his policies helped make Denmark a modern, prosperous country.

As the first liberal prime minister, Holstein led a cabinet that was dominated by liberals. His cabinet included Jens Christian Christensen as minister of defence and Niels Neergaard as minister of finance. This cabinet represented a compromise on defence.

Holstein-Ledreborg’s wife, Princess Marie Gabriele of Luxembourg, was a descendant of Holstein-Ledreborg. They had six children together, and Holstein-Ledreborg built Lejre Manor, a grand palace near Lejre.