Ludvig Holstein-Holsteinborg

Ludvig Holstein-Holsteinberg was a prominent Danish politician, landowner, and noble. He served as the President of the Danish Council from 28 May 1870 to 14 July 1874. His political career was marked by his successes in promoting the welfare of the people of Denmark.

Ludvig Holstein-Holsteinborg

Henrik Frants Harald greve Holstein-Holsteinborg

The Sonderborg amt was part of the Duchy of Schleswig. It was dissolved on 2 August 1701. Ludvig Holstein-Holstein-Holsteinborg was the successor to the Holsteinborg family.

Ludvig Holstein-Holstein-Holsteinborg was a Danish politician. Born in 1815, he was a son of Graf Friedrich Adolf von Holstein-Holsteinborg and Elisabeth Julie von Revenlow. He was a member of the last Roskilder Standeversammlung.

Ane Kirstine Jensine Larsen/ Hansen/ Rosenquist / Holstein-Holsteinborg

A. C. Christiansen is the author of the Holstein-Holsteinborg, a prestigious Danish breed of cattle. The breed has been in continuous production for centuries. It is one of the most renowned in the world. The name is a derivative of the Danish word Naestved, which means “nestled”.

This eminent bred a variety of breeds, including Holstein-Holstein. The breed is also known by the Danish names Burmeister and Burmoller. She has been the mother of five children, including three boys.

She is the oldest daughter of a retired police officer, and was born on July 18, 1898. Her parents had married in 1917. Lieut. Jensen is her older brother. They were married the following year, and their relationship was marked by conflict and misunderstandings.

Several generations later, the family of Jacob B. was established. Her parents had many children, and they had a great deal of difficulty raising them. As a result, their daughters were not allowed to have children. This caused the Danish government to take her in as a ward.

The Danish government has given Ane Kirstine Jensine Larsan/ Hansen/ Rosenquist a title in the National Bank of Denmark. In addition, she is a Viceskoleinsp. She is also a Lektor*.

Ane Kirstine Jensine Larsan/ Hansen/ Rosenquist grew up in Hammer and married Ludvig Hansen in 1861. She was 46 years old. Their children include Henrik Reiersen U., who was a generaltoldforvalter in Bergen.

Her children were born in Denmark. She had three children. Her husband was a forfaedre. Their children included Kirstine Mettea Larsen/ Hansen/ Rosenquist and Hansen/ Hansen.

His esposa

Ludvig Holstein-Holsteinborg was born in 1815. His father was Hans Christian Orsted, and his mother was a botanist. She was also the cunhada of Adam Oehlenschlager, a poet. She died in 1892.

Ludvig Holstein-Holstein-Holsteinborg was a Danish politician and statesman. He was married twice and had a number of children. His first marriage was to Betzy Laura Rasmussen. He was 46 years old when he married her.