Liam Neeson

Liam Neeson, born William John Neeson, is an Irish actor who has garnered numerous awards and nominations for his work. He has won two Tony Awards and received nominations for several Academy Awards. He was ranked seventh in The Irish Times’ list of the 50 greatest film actors in Ireland.

Liam Neeson

Taken 2

Taken 2 continues the action-packed storyline that began with the first film. The story revolves around retired CIA agent Bryan Mills, who rescued his daughter Kim from kidnappers. Since then, he’s embarked on a personal mission to get back together with his estranged wife. In Istanbul, he crosses paths with Murad, the man who fathered Kim’s son.

Taken 2 is an English-language French action-thriller film directed by Olivier Megaton and starring Liam Neeson. It was made for just $22 million and grossed more than ten times its budget. It helped establish Liam Neeson as an action star.

While Taken 2 has received largely positive reviews, the movie has also received some negative reviews from critics. However, overall, the film was a great hit. The film’s sequel, Taken 2, continues the storyline and features new villains. While critics haven’t given it the highest scores, audiences enjoyed the action-packed sequel.

The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises is one of the best films of this year. It is a thrilling action movie about the ultimate vigilante and his quest for justice. After the death of Harvey Dent, Batman (Christian Bale) has taken responsibility for the crime and sacrificed his life. However, he is not without threats from Anne Hathaway and Tom Hardy.

The Dark Knight Rises features an extended version of the Batman mythology, and is a sequel to Batman Begins. The new film is a continuation of Batman’s origin story, but the plot is much more intricate and complex. In the past film, Batman’s origin story was set more than two decades before the events of the movie, but in “The Dark Knight Rises,” the hero has returned. In the film, the young Ra’s al Ghul is a younger version of the villain that Batman battles in the comic books. Liam Neeson, Anne Hathaway, and Tom Hardy all return for a sequel to Batman’s origin story.

Before playing Batman, Liam Neeson played a different role in Nolan’s first Batman film, Batman Begins. The film was an instant hit when it was released in 2005 and starred Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, and Tom Hardy. The film also featured Anne Hathaway and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Natasha Richardson

Natasha Richardson is a beloved British actress. She is the wife of Irish actor Liam Neeson. Natasha suffered a horrific accident in Quebec, Canada in 2009. Although the actor thought she had suffered only a minor head injury, the actress actually suffered a brain lesion, which is fatal. Liam Neeson was on set in a different location at the time of the accident. After the accident, Liam rushed to the hospital and discovered that his wife was brain dead. Natasha was pronounced brain dead two days later.

Liam and Natasha Richardson first met in a stage production of the play Anna Christie. After meeting on the stage, they went on to star in other films together. They married in 1994 and had two sons: Micheal and Daniel. The couple’s first son, Michael, was born in June 1995. The couple welcomed their second child, Daniel, in August 1996. Natasha Richardson passed away in 2009, and the couple’s children are now growing up without their parents.

Since his wife’s passing, Liam Neeson has continued to work. His busy schedule helped him cope with the loss of his beloved wife. He kept up with his movie commitments before the accident and had new projects lined up. He even dropped out of a movie about a Scottish saint who brought Christianity to the country.

Early life

Liam Neeson was born in Northern Ireland on June 7, 1952. His parents were Catholics and his mother worked as a cook. His father served as a caretaker at a boys’ school. In his early years, Neeson was interested in boxing and began lessons at age nine. He soon became a senior champion and dreamed of competing at the Olympics. However, a blackout after a win scared him away from the sport.

In 1979, Neeson made his acting debut in Excalibur. He then went on to star in Mission and The Bounty. He then worked on a play, “Anna Christie.” The Tony-nominated performance drew the attention of Steven Spielberg, who then cast Neeson as Oskar Schindler in Schindler’s List.

In 1993, Neeson met Natasha Richardson. They were married in 1994. They had two children. In 2009, Neeson’s wife fell while skiing in Quebec, and she subsequently suffered a coma. In order to save her life, he decided to remove her from the bypass machine. Afterward, he did not marry again, keeping his personal life from the press.

In his teenage years, Liam Neeson became active in boxing. He was discovered by a director, John Boorman, while performing in an Irish theater. He was offered a part in Excalibur, and he started acting on stage. While performing, Neeson also began doing small-budget movies in London.


William John Neeson is a well-known British actor and is originally from Northern Ireland. He has received several accolades for his acting career, including Academy Awards and nominations at the British Academy Film Awards. He has also won two Tony Awards and was ranked 7th on the Irish Times list of the 50 greatest film actors in Ireland in 2020.

In addition to his work on the screen, Neeson has also starred on the stage. He made his Broadway debut in 1993 as Oscar Wilde in David Hare’s The Judas Kiss, and was nominated for a second Tony award for his performance in the 2002 revival of Arthur Miller’s The Crucible.

After completing his studies, Liam Neeson began working as a professional actor. He was discovered by director John Boorman when he was performing on the stage in Of Mice and Men. He moved to London and starred in several small budget movies. He began a romance with Helen Mirren, with whom he dated for five years. In the meantime, Neeson continued to pursue his acting interests, working with the Lyric Players’ Theatre in Belfast and the Abbey Theatre in Dublin. During this period, he earned his first film credits.

Liam Neeson’s career has evolved considerably in recent years. While his early work has included a number of epic-themed films, his career has shifted into the action genre. In 2008, Neeson’s career took a more violent turn with the critically acclaimed “Taken” film. Neeson played tough guy retired CIA agent Bryan Mills, who fought against his enemies.

Life changing experience

Liam Neeson’s life story is a complex one. Born in Ireland during “The Troubles,” he spent his early years working as a forklift driver. The film Excalibur transformed his life. It’s a powerful, gripping story of courage and transformation.

In an interview with French journalist Clemence Michallon, Neeson revealed that a close friend of his had been raped nearly 40 years ago. He asked his friend to describe the perpetrator. After describing the crime, Neeson went to black neighborhoods in Ireland with a gun in an attempt to avenge his friend. However, after a week of this, he stopped.

Despite this, Neeson continued to work in theatre. In 1976, he joined the Lyric Players’ Theatre in Belfast. During that time, he began acting in films and stage plays. He starred in the Arthurian film Excalibur in 1981 and in supporting roles in a few other films. He was then spotted by Steven Spielberg and cast in Schindler’s List. Eventually, his acting career took off. He went on to star in numerous movies, including Nell and Michael Collins.

Despite his fear of heights and his fear of boxing, Liam Neeson combines both activities to reach his fitness goals. Liam Neeson works out in the mornings and at night in Central Park. He does so in order to keep in shape and improve his stamina. He also does bodyweight workouts and power walks as part of his routine.

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Liam Neeson Date of Birth is Jun 7, 1952


Liam Neeson Net Worth is $145 Million


Liam Neeson Height is 193 cm