Janet Jackson – A Look at Some of Her Best Albums and Music Videos

Throughout her career, Janet Jackson has worked on a variety of songs that have been very popular. However, some of her greatest achievements have been with her collaborations with her father, Michael Jackson. These songs have become some of her best-selling albums. You may also have heard some of her music videos. In this article, you will learn about some of the highlights of her career.

Janet Jackson

Relationship with Michael Jackson

Throughout their careers, Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson had ups and downs. When they were younger, they were very close. However, when Michael began his solo career in the 1980s, their relationship changed.

Michael and Janet collaborated on several songs. They wrote the song “Scream” for the “Thriller” soundtrack. They performed the song on the MTV Video Music Awards. They also wrote the lyrics to the song.

When Michael passed away in 2009, he left three children. Janet stayed by his side while he was in custody and paid for Katherine’s bills while he was in Bahrain. She also went to court to help him during his child molestation trial in 2005.

The Jackson family has been a hot topic in the media for years. After Michael died, the family feuded publicly. Petitioners tried to stop the family from moving to Encino, California. However, Janet was not one of the petitioners.

Janet Jackson has released a new four-part documentary, which is airing on A+E and Lifetime. In it, she tells the story of her life and her relationship with the late pop star. She also talks about her late father, Joe.

The special also shows a number of family members. Among them, Janet’s niece and nephews. It also features a discussion about Joe and his parenting tactics.

While the special is a tribute to the King of Pop, it also looks at the ups and downs of Janet’s relationship with her late brother. The four-hour special also contains some never-before-seen footage from Janet’s childhood.

Despite the controversies, Janet Jackson is a talented singer. She has also received a number of Academy Award nominations. However, she has not had a number one song since 2001.

The documentary was produced over five years. It was also filmed in a number of locations, including Janet’s home in Gary, Indiana and the Flyte Tyme Studios in Minneapolis. The special has also received a number of awards and nominations.

Regardless of whether or not Janet has had a great relationship with her brother, Michael Jackson has left a legacy in the music industry. He left a wealth of music and the world with his legacy.


During her reign as queen of pop, Janet Jackson produced a string of incredibly great albums. From her self-titled debut to her debut album for Virgin Records, Janet has produced some of the most influential music of the 21st century. Despite being underrated for a time, Jackson’s output has been nearly flawless. Here are some of her best albums.

Despite receiving mediocre reviews at the time, All For You is a solid collection. It’s full of pop hits, boudoir ballads, and throwback sounds. It’s not quite up to the standard of Janet’s other masterpieces, but it’s not bad.

For her next album, Janet worked with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, a pair of producers who helped her achieve the greatest number of hits of her career. They also helped create the album’s enticing title track. However, interludes detract from the overall effect.

Control is a major turning point for Janet. It’s a breakthrough album that helped propel new jack swing into the mainstream. It also catapulted Jackson to the top of the Billboard 200.

The album’s title track is an impressive feat. It’s a modern day take on Marvin Gaye’s soul classic. The music video features Janet and dancers in black military-style jumpsuits. It’s one of the few songs that’s as direct as it sounds.

Among her most influential albums, The Velvet Rope is also one of the most important. This concept album merged topics of depression, domestic violence, and sexuality into one slick, modern fusion. The music video for the title track features Janet and dancers in black baseball caps. It’s also a surprisingly sexually-explicit album.

All For You isn’t quite up to the standards of her other bestselling albums, but it’s still a solid collection. It’s full if pop hits, boudoir ballads, throwback sounds, and interludes. The album’s title track is one of the most impressive songs of the era.

Despite the fact that it has been over five years since her last album was released, Janet is finally ready to release a new album. It’s being produced by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis and will feature collaborations with other artists.

Music videos

During her career, Janet Jackson has produced a huge number of music videos that have influenced other pop stars. In this article, Glamour takes a look at the history of Janet’s music videos. Including her self-titled debut album in 1982, to her eighth studio album, Damita Jo, in 2007.

Janet’s music videos paved the way for pop stars today. Her unique style has been subject to controversy, but her videos have also inspired a number of other pop stars. This includes Pink, who recreated a chair dance sequence for a Janet Jackson “ICON” tribute.

Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation 1814 is one of her most famous videos. Its themes of racial equality and harmony have inspired other artists, including Lady Gaga. The video was directed by Rene Elizondo Jr. and includes African rhythms. The video has won a number of awards and was a pop culture moment. It also helped to inspire Beyonce’s visual film.

The video for Janet’s first single, “Miss You Much”, featured a chair dance sequence. The song was also a hit. The video won an MTV Video Music Award for Best Electronic Dance Music Video.

The video for Janet’s “Abstinence” is also in black and white, and it feels full of longing and understanding. Janet’s dance moves are reminiscent of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” dance moves.

“That’s the Way Love Goes” is a song from Janet’s debut album, Janet. It has received over 100 000 hits and won the Grammy Award for Best R&B Song. The video features Janet in a steamy lounge, wearing a floor-length silver coat and a printed brown skirt.

Herb Ritts is one of the most renowned fashion photographers of all time. His most famous video is “Love Will Never Do,” which stars Djimon Hounsou and Antonio Sabato Jr. It is one of the most beautiful videos of all time.

The “Miss You Much” video is a good example of Janet’s dance moves. It has been remade for television stations as an “All Dance Version.” The video was also a hit and influenced other artists.

Career highlights

Throughout her career, Janet Jackson has become a global superstar and one of the most successful recording artists of all time. Her music has been influenced by her creative vision, theatrical stage, and dance-pop style. With her debut album, Control, released in 1986, she became a pop icon and one of the most popular recording artists of the 1980s. She has also received numerous awards.

In 1994, she received a Grammy Award for Best R&B Song with “That’s The Way Love Goes”. In 2006, she won an American Music Award for Album of the Year. In addition, she received a Golden Globe Award for her role in the film Poetic Justice.

In 2001, Janet Jackson received her first Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording with “All For You.” In 2002, she won the MTV Video Music Award for Best Female Video with “If.” During her career, Janet has become one of the most successful recording artists of all times, with seven Billboard 200 chart-topping albums. She has also won the American Music Award and the Billboard Icon Award.

In 1991, Jackson signed a five-year contract with Universal Music. Her first album sold 350,000 copies in its first week, and it became her third consecutive Billboard 200 chart-topping album. It was also the first album to feature Missy Elliot, J. Cole, and Missy’s father, George Cole.

Throughout her career, Janet has collaborated with many artists. She has collaborated with Terry Lewis and Jimmy Jam to incorporate elements of funk and disco in her music. She has also provided vocals on Justin Timberlake’s Justified album. She has also modeled for her signature line of Blackglama accessories, which include mink fur.

Throughout her career, Janet Jackson has continued to be a role model for young performers. She has influenced artists from Aaliyah to Rihanna. She has also inspired performers with her show design. Her show design has been credited as a catalyst for the growth of MTV. She is also a noted designer for many clothing lines. Her designs have also influenced performers such as Usher.

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